Sunday 18th November 2018

Ambassador of Belarus S.Rachkov meets the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Wealth of Egypt

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Kenya: High Court orders the commencement of the PBO Act without further delays, 1,000 days after its signing into law

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Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions’ (SACAU) Young Agripreneurs Forum gets the inside track on mechanization and agriculture at AGCO Future Farm, Zambia

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Written by: Pratibha bissht Yoga has been practiced in India since ages. There are different forms of yoga and they each have different benefits. Different people have different needs, troubles, and pain. Also there are various forms of yoga which help in curing certain illness. Yoga can be the ultimate cure for controlling diabetes, …

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Thomson`s Falls Lodge

By: Joseph Roberts Thomson’s Falls Lodge is located at the world’s famous Thomson’s Falls, which was discovered in 1883 by Joseph Thomson, a Scottish geologist and naturalist. It’s 7,800 feet above sea level and sits on a 10 acre lawn that’s shaded with African olives, cedar trees among other exotic trees which makes us the …

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  Written by: Meshack Masibo The history of mankind has carried with it a lot of dramatic occurrences which have been well documented, but rarely do we see the humorous part of history. Truth be told, there have been many humorous instances in history and it is necessary to note them. Julius Caesar and his …

Written by: Dan Mwangi Ronaldo vs Messi; who is the best? Cristiano Ronaldo recently moved to Juventus, ending his nine-year stint in Spain. It will be an understatement to say that his spell at the Spanish capital was phenomenally good. The Portuguese won numerous trophies, four Ballon d’Ors and scored tons of goals to …

Written by: Meshack Masibo    ‘ If the butchers have their way, we will draw strength even from the little crosses that the kind may put at the head of their graves. In that process we shall learn. We shall learn to hate evil even more, and in the same intensity we shall seek to …

  Written by: Meshack Masibo Anyone who watched the westgate terror attack or any other terror attack or arrest of a dangerous criminal has probably noted the military styled commando unit called the Recce Squad. But where exactly did this squad originate from? Declassified British intelligence files have given fresh insight into how an elite …