Tuesday 26th March 2019
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TM Inc., a Canadian investment group, today announced it has acquired 90% of TM Management Ltd, Hong Kong. (“TMM”). TM Inc. is one of Canada’s leading independently owned multi-managers, focused on alternative investment strategies. The acquisition strengthens TM Inc.’s presence in Hong Kong and enhances the firm’s ability to address the growing alternative investments needs …


Written by: Pratibha bissht pratibhabissht@mtkenyatimes.co.ke

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Written by: Angel Wanjiku angelwanjiku27@gmail.com In the modern world fashion has been given much attention unlike before when not so many people considered fashion a field to work on. We now have colleges and fashion/design schools where people interested in the art can gain knowledge and even make that a paying job if they choose …

Written by: Dan Mwangi dan@mtkenyatimes.co.ke In recent months, President Uhuru Kenyatta has been publicly scolding Agriculture and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri in a rare show of his frustrations over corruption. The President, speaking in mother tongue, once told Mr Kiunjuri that he will be in trouble if once again money meant for maize farmers …

  Written by: Meshack Masibo In a previous rally last year, former Sports Rashid Echesa dared Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to fire him if he has the authority to do so. A few weeks later, the CS lost his job after the President issued a directive vacating him from office and replacing him with …