Wednesday 23rd May 2018
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By: Joseph Discovering one’s gift as well as being able to apply these talents and skills in real life underlines an important aspect. Such an instance is based on the reality that it impacts on the entire process of interpreting situations and dealing with challenges. However, different people deal contrarily with various situations in life …

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By:Dan In the current world, and as showcased by the changing trends and dynamics, the state of healthcare has been left exposed. The ironic thing is that with the emerging technological advancements, competent ways of dealing with issues surrounding the healthcare setting should be easily formulated. Specifically, the aspect of life expectancy has continued to …

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By: Joseph The advent of globalization has led to many changes in the world. Particularly, a lot has been witnessed within the realm of economics. However, there is a chasm that is evident with the manner through which the effects of globalization are being felt. As a result, there lies a connection between all these …

By: Joseph The hospitality industry houses the various operations and processes carried out by the hotels across the world. However, the industry is influenced by various aspects and operations. For ages, the industry has been shaped by the diverse factors that encompass the financial, management, satisfaction, HR as well as technological advancement. Within the operations …

By Martin Wakaba – an individual who is keen on developmental concepts The connection between the media and the happenings around the world cannot be disputed. In essence, the media plays a significant part in highlighting and reporting the various occurrences within the globe. The media is the prime platform for reporting news and other …

By Martin Wakaba – a football agent and the owner of Football Puzzles Arsène Wenger is threatening to cause chaos in the Premier League, and for all the wrong reasons. The Frenchman, a rare crossbreed between defiance and audacity, encompasses that which makes life for Arsenal fans so boring. While some people, especially rival …