Wednesday 21st November 2018
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Written by: Pratibha bissht Yoga has been practiced in India since ages. There are different forms of yoga and they each have different benefits. Different people have different needs, troubles, and pain. Also there are various forms of yoga which help in curing certain illness. Yoga can be the ultimate cure for controlling diabetes, …

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Thomson`s Falls Lodge

By: Joseph Roberts Thomson’s Falls Lodge is located at the world’s famous Thomson’s Falls, which was discovered in 1883 by Joseph Thomson, a Scottish geologist and naturalist. It’s 7,800 feet above sea level and sits on a 10 acre lawn that’s shaded with African olives, cedar trees among other exotic trees which makes us the …

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Written by: Dan Mwangi

Written by: Dan Mwangi Many people have heard of the great empire called the Roman empire but less publicized has been the origin of one of the world’s biggest empires ever. So how exactly did the Roman Empire begin? Legend has it, Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, twin sons of Mars, the …