4 Steps to having your best sex ever

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    Written by:

    Ciru Kamau

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    Chances are the phrase “best sex ever” might feel like I could be talking about something pretty out of reach. Some kind of awesomely amazing sex that you maybe thought only existed in romantic, super hot sex scenes. Not the kind of sex you would have. Or could have. Or at least not without a pretty extensive list of tricks and tips to master.
    But the thing is, “the best sex ever” isn’t necessarily so elusive and far fetched. That’s because most of us tend to think of amazing sex as an overly complicated experience that needs bells and whistles and lingerie and the latest sexual positions (and maybe even bodies that don’t look quite like ours).
    But I’ll let you in on a little secret: The trick to having your greatest sex ever is tapping into skills and experiences you already have. And they aren’t as wild or out there Readmore>>>
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