Africa has a new health challenge

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    Pratibha bissht

    People in Sub Saharan Africa have the worst health on average in the world. The region has 11 percent of the world’s population but carries 24 percent of the global disease burden. With less than 1 percent of global health expenditure and only 3 percent of the world’s health workers, Africa accounts for almost half the world’s deaths of children under five, has the highest maternal mortality rate and bears a heavy toll from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. The region lacks the infrastructure to provide even basic health care to many of its people. The scale of the challenge is driving a reassessment of traditional approaches and a growing acceptance that the private sector should be a key part of the region’s overall health strategy.
    The Health of the People is the first report to focus on the health of the 738 million people living in the African Region of the World Health Organization. While acknowledging that Africa confronts the world’s most dramatic public health crisis, According to reports over time the region can address the health challenges it faces, given sufficient international support.
    HIV/AIDS continues to devastate the WHO Africa Region, which has 11 percent of the world’s population but 60 percent of the people with HIV/AIDS. Although HIV/AIDS remains the leading cause of death for adults, more and more people are receiving life saving treatment.
    More than 90 percent of the estimated 300 – 500 million malaria cases that occur worldwide every year are in Africans and mainly in children under five years of age, but most countries……Subscribe to Readmore………

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