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The positive impact of TIVETs in the Mount Kenya region

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Written by: Pratibha bissht

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Written by: Dan Mwangi In today’s world the Iphone has become arguably one of the world’s most prestigious phones to have as people from different countries are always eagerly awaiting the next in the series.  The influence of the Iphone technology goes far beyond other phone companies—the infrastructure that made the iPhone has also …

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Written by: Pratibha bissht For a very long time, Apple and Samsung have been pioneering innovations in smart phones. The trend, however, is now changing with companies like Huawei and OnePlus bringing unique features to their phones and now Vivo. A good example is Vivo Nex. Vivo Nex is one of the first phones to …

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Written by: Pratibha bissht Vivo Nex was launched in India on Thursday, at an event in New Delhi. The Vivo Nex is the rebranded version of the Nex S, which is the top-end model in the Chinese company’s Nex-Series of smart phones launched last month.  There are several highlights of the smart phone, including its in-display fingerprint sensor, …

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By Martin Wakaba The distinctive business Local Area Network model or LAN, along with the Wide Area Network or WAN are some illustrations of private network models. The distinction differentiating a private network from a public one involves the usage of the gateway router. In this regard, a corporation will put up a firewall with …

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