China Unbridled; What does that mean for the rest of the world?

China Unbridled; What does that mean for the rest of the world?
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    Dan Mwangi

    The exponential growth of China and its foray into the African continent has caused many to wonder just how big the communist state will grow to. If it continues to grow and outgrows the United States of America to be a superpower many wonder what type of superpower it will be. Tracing the history of “superpower’ states and empires one will meet a mixed bunch of empires. From Nebuchadnezar’s massive Babylonian empire, King Cyrus’ phenomenal Persian empire, Caesar’s brutal and complex Roman Empire, Alexander the Great’s world empire, the Victorian Britain, Stalin’s Russia and the democratic big brother that is the United States the world as a whole has existed during changing times. What cannot be doubted is that the presence of a superpower has a huge impact on the rest of the world. Alexander the Great was single handedly responsible for the spread of Greek culture to as far as Egypt while we still benefit from the tenets of civil law entrenched to us by the Roman civilization during the height of the Roman Empire. Furthermore the popularity of the English language is a direct result of the reign of the British Empire over most parts of the world.
    The founding fathers of America also undoubtedly lnstilled in us the sense of democratic ideals that we cherish so much today. So what exactly does an emboldened China mean for the world?
    On Nov. 11, 1861, the Qing dynasty opened a new agency to deal with foreigners. A target for the West’s “gunboat diplomacy,” the last imperial Chinese government had been forced to recognize a wider world and, with little leverage, it entered into a series of unequal treaties that crippled its economy and left it only more vulnerable. Still, Chinese officials believed the crisis would pass. It was for this reason… Readmore…

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