Commercial value of rabbits

Ask most people about rabbit rearing and the answers you will get may shock you. Actually, and in this era, rabbits are usually associated with kids and other bunny-like tendencies. Many people will associate rabbits the tender-like aspects – that explains why kids will get rabbits as gifts to signify tenderness, innocence and care. That is as far as the joke gets because the truth is that rabbits are commercially viable animals. In fact, rabbits have a commercial value that surpasses the supposed linkage to kids. In fact, the commercial value of rabbits is so underestimated by many founded on the thought that these animals have a less value. Truth be told: rabbit rearing in Kenya has been underestimated and few people have ventured in the business. Rabbits are well known sources of protein and rabbit meat is healthier than other forms of meat. Attributable to such a reality, rabbit rearing should be a prime source of income for many households. In this era where unemployment has plagued many people, commercial rearing of rabbits outlines as a crucial segment not only in production but also in income generation.

Rabbit farming requires less capital. In fact, the investment needed for the starting of rabbit farming is on the lower side when compared to other agribusiness ventures. The only thing that is required for such a venture is a well ventilated space for keeping the rabbits. Besides, the feeding program for the rabbits does not require much input or colossal sums of investments for feeds. In fact, rabbits can eat plant leaves, grasses, and even kitchen waste materials. Henceforth, the availability of these feeding materials is within the reach of a homestead. For a farmer, the less demand as regards rabbit feeding means a reduction in the costs incurred. Primarily, the lessened feeding costs usually make a huge save on the part of the farmer. Rabbits usually grow fast, just like the broiler chickens. In this case, rabbits attain a faster rate of maturity. Founded on such a reality, rabbits can offer more financial prospects in that the growth rate is fat hence the increase in the number of times that a farmer can sell these animals. Within four or five months, rabbits become mature and ready for slaughter. It, therefore, means that a farmer can earn from the rabbit sales three times in a year. The gestation period of rabbit is between twenty eight and thirty days. Henceforth, a doe can give birth to rabbit kids after two months. In this case, a farmer who has many rabbits can expect new kids every two months! That is impressive on the commercial side in that a doe can give birth to a maximum of eight kid rabbits.

Also, it is important for a farmer to make sure that rabbits are well monitored. Vaccinating these animals against the various diseases would be ideal. In fact, timely vaccination is advised to achieve the best results in rabbit rearing and production. Such care and management goes a long way in making sure that rabbits are well handled for marketing purposes. It should be noted that the consumption rate of the rabbit meat has been on an upward trajectory. The rapidly increasing rate of consumption signifies that more people will be worthy customers in the near future. Also, rabbit meat is easier to be consumed by the old people. Besides, children can easily consume and digest rabbit meat. Its tenderness and softness means that these elderly persons can consume the meat without difficulties. In this case, a ready market of the elderly increases the chances and prospects for the rabbit meat market. Also, rabbit meat is less in fat than pork, turkey, beef, and even chicken meat. Ideally, such an aspect as regards rabbits mean that the rearing would make more business sense for people given that the meat products have less fat.

With the demand for rabbit meat increasing, the commercial aspect would scale up and offer fortunes for the farmers. Due to the demand and popularity of rabbit meat, slaughter houses are being put in various regions of the country. It means that in future, the rabbit meat market will be an industry that experiences huge sales. It should be noted that countries such as China have a huge demand for rabbit meat. Given the huge population in China, the exportation of rabbit meat would be a fantastic idea for any prospective agribusiness farmer. Based on such an occurrence, the commercialization aspect in this era of globalization would become a reality for an individual who rears rabbits for export. In terms of business and viability, an advice calling for people to engage in the rabbit rearing market would not be off the point. Its time people engaged in commercially advantageous businesses, and rabbit rearing is one practicable idea.

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