Companies Gold Mining in Ghana

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  • Ghana presents a number of opportunities in the mining sector, especially in the gold industry. It is the
    second largest gold producer in Africa, after South Africa and 10th largest globally. The other important
    mineral resources are oil, diamond, bauxite (used in the manufacturing of aluminum), and manganese
    (an important input in steelmaking).
    Despite possessing interesting mining opportunities, there are some infrastructure issues impacting
    operations in Ghana. While the government is making concerted and effective efforts to address problems
    in electricity supply, deficient transport infrastructure is a problem that will take more time to solve.
    Despite having a generally sound economic and business environment, the current main issues with
    investment in Ghana’s mining sector are economic, and the most serious is the government’s fiscal policy.
    In recent years, there have been worrying indications of fiscal slippage, and this has had an effect on the
    exchange rate and on interest rates. To address the budget deficit (which stood at 11.8percent of GDP
    in 2012), the government has reduced subsidies and increased taxes, raising the cost of doing business.
    Value-added tax (VAT) was raised in 2013, and there is talk of introducing a windfall tax. These new burdens,
    coupled with wage demands from workers who see their purchasing power eroded by inflation, are making
    the operating environment increasingly difficult for miners and some mining companies have already had to
    mothball parts of their operations.
    Major mining companies in Ghana

    Key domestic players
    •Adansi Gold Company Ltd.
    •Ashanti Goldfields Co. Ltd.
    •ButreAhanta Exploration Ltd.
    •Central African Gold Ghana Ltd.
    •Chinagold-GH resources (Group) Co Li Ltd.
    •Discovery Gold Ghana Ltd.
    •Goknet Mining Company Ltd.
    •Gold recovery Ghana Ltd.
    •Keegan resources (Ghana) Ltd.
    •Kumasko Mining Enterprise
    •Leo Shield Exploration Ghana Ltd.
    •Mikite Gold resources Ltd.
    •Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd.
    •Noble Mining Ghana Ltd.
    •Phoenix resources Ltd.
    •Quivira Gold Ltd.

    Foreign companies with operations in Ghana
    •Abore Mining Company Ltd.
    •Abosso Goldfields Ltd.
    •African Gemo resources Ltd.
    •African Gold Group Inc.
    •AGG (Ghana) Ltd.
    •Akoko Gold Ventures
    •Akoto Stone Quarry Co Ltd.
    •Akroma Gold Company Ltd.
    •All Stars Associates Ltd.
    •AngloGold Ashanti Ltd.
    •AusdrillGh Ltd.
    •Barnex (Prestea) Ltd.
    •Birim Goldfield Inc.
    •CAML Ghana Ltd.
    •Cardero Ghana Ltd.
    •Cluff Mining (West Africa) Ltd.
    •Crew Gold Corp.
    •Dbs Industries Ltd.
    •Duraplast Ltd.
    •Eastern Alloys Company Ltd.
    •Ebi (Ghana) Ltd.
    •General Metals Corporation
    •Ghana Bauxite Company Ltd.
    •Ghana Consolidated Diamonds Ltd.
    •Gold Coast resources Inc.
    •Gold Fields Ltd.
    •Golden Star resources Ltd.
    •Golden Star Wassa Ltd.
    •Gyampo Mining Co. Ltd.
    •Haber Mining Ghana Ltd.
    •James Monroe Capital Corporation
    •Leo Shield Exploration Ghana Ltd.
    •Midras Mining Ltd.
    •Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd.
    •Nkroful Mining Ltd.
    •Pioneer Gold Fields Ltd.
    •rancho Ghana Ltd.
    •resolute Amansie Ltd.
    •resolute Mining Ltd.
    •Satellite Gold Fields Ltd.
    •SEMS Exploration Services Ltd.
    •Sian Gold Fields, Ltd.
    •Vimetco Ghana (Bauxite) Ltd.
    •Volta Aluminium Company Ltd.
    •Wales Holding Corporation
    •Waratah Investments Ltd.
    •Westaf Pty Ltd.
    •African Mining Services (Ghana) Pty Ltd.
    •Nevsun resources (Ghana) Ltd.
    •Foraco International SA
    •African Stellar (West Africa) Ltd.
    Source  KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”).
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