Countries Ruled by Military Dictatorships

Thailand's king endorses junta leader General Prayuth Chan-ocha as prime minister
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    Pratibha bissht

    In Today’s time, there are not many countries that are run by military dictatorships. However, there are some countries that do have military dictators. With such individuals in power, these countries must adhere to strict military laws.

    Like any dictatorships, a military dictatorship may be official or unofficial. Mixed forms also exist, where the military exerts a very strong influence without being entirely dominant.

    The typical military dictatorship in Latin America was ruled by a junta, or a committee composed of several officers, often from the military’s most senior leadership, but in other cases less senior, as evidenced by the term colonels’ regime. Other military dictatorships are entirely in the hands of a single officer, usually the senior army commander. In either case, the chairman of the junta or the single commander may often personally assume office as head of state.

    In the Middle East and Africa, military governments more often came to be led by a single powerful person, and were autocracies in addition to military dictatorships.

    One very different pattern was the one followed by Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, which began as a one party state ruled by the Ba’ath Party, but over the course of its existence turned into a military dictatorship as its leaders donned uniforms and the military became closely involved in the government. Conversely, other military dictatorships may gradually restore significant components of civilian government while the senior most military commander still maintains supreme political power. In Pakistan, ruling Generals Muhammad Zia – ul – Haq and Pervez Musharraf have……Subscribe to Readmore………

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