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    Dan Mwangi
    The relationship between Kenya and Ethiopia over the years has always been diplomatic but it sometimes seems like an underutilized lacuna of huge economic opportunities. Despite the two countries sharing longer border and having exemplary diplomatic and political ties, their economic relations have not yet reached at the desired level.
    Intercontinental trade has always played a key role in our economy. According to statistics, Kenya’s top markets for export are in Africa, which takes a market share of Kshs 231.4billion (46.1%), followed by Europe 123.2bn (24.5%) and Asia Kshs 107.5bn (21.4%). These numbers tell us that our best bet for turning this tide around is to trade these same neighbours. For instance, Ethiopia, is the fourth largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa and will predictably be the third largest by 2025, overtaking Angola; meaning that, jointly Kenya and Ethiopia provide a market of 125 million people with a combined GDP of USD 67 billion.
    The country is known for its agro based industries in leather, coffee, bamboo products, natural gum and flowers but has a young manufacturing sector which contributes only 4% to its GDP. In comparison Kenya’s manufacturing sector is much bigger. Despite this drawback, the country is a force to reckon with when it comes to energy and forests. The Gire dam network and the Millennium dam have an installed capacity of over 2000 MW, giving Ethiopia the capacity to become a major supplier of energy in the region. It is no secret that manufacturers……Subscribe to Readmore………

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