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    Angel Wanjiku

    In the modern world fashion has been given much attention unlike before when not so many people considered fashion a field to work on. We now have colleges and fashion/design schools where people interested in the art can gain knowledge and even make that a paying job if they choose to go in that direction.

    Many established companies like Louis Vuitton LV, Channel, Dolce and Gabbana etc. which focuses on fashion right from the clothing, shoes, sunglasses and many other things are now making more money and sponsoring major fashion walks on worldwide runway path. These companies are known for investing on fashion and delivering to their customers by providing designer items which do not come cheap but worth it since they produce quality goods enjoyed by people across the globe.

    Many a list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Cardi B are known to advertise for fashion companies such Gucci, Givenchy, Victoria Secrets, Fashionnova, Fendi etc. . This brings traffic to the fashion world as other people who look up to these iconic beings would want to identify with their sense of fashion hence end up spending on getting the new trends they see their “celebrity crush” on.

    Everyday fashion and what’s trending changes as new ideas are put into action creating and reconstructing the many designs there are by coming up with different or a combination of several other designs which helps in maintaining the trendy fashion world.

    Social Media has been a major way of advertising things happening in the fashion world which has made things much easier as people across the globe now have access to the internet hence knowing what’s hot and what’s not making a big win for the fashion based companies. This has also helped to produce the fashion gurus who now make money by just putting on or using fashion items from specific brands and posting them on their instagram pages.

    If we were to look into some of these fashion companies from when, they were started you would find that most of them started small and only the rich had that luxury of shopping in such prestige places, but as time has passed and most people seem to embrace and make change a necessity when it comes to how they present themselves in terms of fashion the companies have made it their business to include everyone in their budget. This means that even the middle class people can still fit in on enjoying the designer items like the Givenchy cologne or the Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses.

    We can also look at fashion from the model point of view. In the past modeling was mostly a western culture which we as an African continent have now borrowed and it has been well received by most people. Modeling either for commercial purposes as a freelancer or working for or and with an agency can equally earn you money now as you showcase their items and publicize them.

    In general we can conclude that many have invested in fashion by taking up most of their space, time, and money in sponsoring big events like football so that they can reach a big mass of people through that kind of advertising.

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