How can Dr. Ruto re-engineer himself after what seems to be deliberate move to stop him from succeeding his boss?

Deputy President William Ruto with bishops Mophat Kilioba, George Chipa, John Okinda and Maina Thiong’o during a breakfast meeting at his Karen office in Nairobi on January 24, 2019
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    Dan Mwangi

    For those privy to the deputy president of the republic of Kenya Dr. William Ruto’s political life, they all know that he is a political and otherwise genius. His zeal and ingenuity to come out of any puzzle is unmatched. Though he was born by a peasant farmer, his acumen on all spheres of life has never been determined by his disadvantaged beginning. He has always portrayed prowess, shrewdness and proficiency beyond many commoners understanding.
    Having joined politics at a tender age of early 20’s while still at university, taking part as the Organising Secretary of Youth for the Kenya African National Union (KANU), a political outfit which successfully campaigned for the re-election of incumbent President Daniel arap Moi in 1992, Dr. Ruto is undoubtedly clued-up politician.
    Ruto served as Member of Parliament for Eldoret North constituency (1997 – 2013) and was appointed to head various government ministries during this period. During this election he beat seasoned politician Reuben Chesire who had backing of the then powerful President Daniel Arap Moi, who as well came from the same region and belonged to the same community.
    He was appointed to the position of Assistant Minister in the Office of the President by President Daniel arap Moi in 1998. He was promoted to be Minister for Home Affairs in August 2002. He also previously served as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Constitutional Reform in the 9th Parliament.
    He supported former President Moi’s decision to back Uhuru Kenyatta’s bid to lead the Kenya African National Union (KANU) in 2002, a move that landed him to opposition since NARC led by former President Mwai Kibaki carried the day.
    In January 2006, Ruto declared publicly that he would stand for the presidency in the next general election, scheduled for December 2007. His statement was condemned by some of his KANU colleagues, including former president Moi. Ruto sought the nomination of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) as its presidential candidate, but in the party’s vote on 1st September 2007, he placed third with 368 votes, behind the winner, Raila Odinga (with 2,656 votes) and Musalia Mudavadi (with 391). Ruto expressed his support for Odinga after the vote. He resigned from his post as KANU secretary general on 6 October 2007.
    He broke away from Raila’s group in 2011 and formed the United Republican Party, indicating that he would run for the presidency on a ticket from the new party.
    The self-styled ‘hustler’ is known for his sheer hard work and aggressive political nature that saw him rally the Rift Valley voting bloc behind President Uhuru Kenyatta to win the 2013 General Election.
    Dr. Ruto joined with Uhuru Kenyatta to form the Jubilee alliance for the 2013 presidential election which the duo won.
    In 2016, 11 Jubilee coalition affiliates closed up shop ahead of their merger into Jubilee Party. These parties include: GNU, URP, TIP, TNA and Ford People held their National Delegates Conventions at Kasarani where they disbanded. UDF, NFK, RC, APK, JAP and UPK dissolved at meetings held at the Bomas of Kenya on September 09, 2016.
    Dr. Ruto also survived ICC indictment when former ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo named Ruto among the six Kenyans who bore the greatest responsibility for the 2007-2008 PEV, many saw it as the death blow to Ruto’s political career.
    Considering his political journeys which has been marred by both major intrigues and astound triumphs, Dr. Ruto is expected to pull a “Trump” come 2022.The surprise is expected to halt in totality the hostility of the political dynasties which has coalesced together to ensure no son or daughter of a Kenya pauper shall rise to the helm of power.
    Some of his expected capitalization includes using his pauperism beginning as a wooing factor to band together the majority of Kenyans to rally behind one of their own who is him. This hustler’s movement is well know and had gained much traction among Kenyan until when some of its key proponent were lured or intimidated by the dynasties hegemony. It is however predictable that Dr. Ruto shall device his way out as his political metamorphoses is always unfathomable.

    Secondly Dr. Ruto shall use his political networks across the country which he has developed since 1992 and perfected during his reign as Deputy President to create unbreakable web that shall condemn his C students’ political opponents led by his boss to oblivion.

    Thirdly he shall use the church network across the country where he has been extending his hand of benevolence since he became the second in command. He has as well been taunted as a committed member of the church movement since his young age where he was once a chairman if Christian union during his university days. On top of his fellow Christians movement, he is deemed to be rallying the Muslim nation through his political confidant Hon. Aden Duale whom is well known he supported to become the leader of majority in National assembly. This post has elevated the Garissa Member of Parliament to be the senior most politician not only among the Muslims but over all members of the assembly.
    Hon. Duale has been galvanizing the pastoralist communities’ votes from across the country to rally behind Dr. Ruto come 2022. Most of these have been politically excluded from the top layer of national stew since independence. When added to the urban poor who are on the rise, this strategy seems to be gaining traction in an immense way.

    Fourthly Dr. Ruto is poised to use his big reservoirs to release manna to the ever expectant hustlers’ nation through his consistent meet the people benevolent tours to net his prey. As his Western Kenya points man Rashid Mohammed Echesa the country’s Sports and Culture cabinet secretary once asked, how many Kenyans has got over 10 billion shillings required to carry out a successful presidential campaign? To answer him only a few, lucky enough the doctor has healed many problems including financial ones to join the league of deep pocketed Kenyans.

    Fifthly the deputy president may climb down from his position and “Matibalize” Jubilee government. This would result to a bigger revolution than the one on the second liberation in 1992. Due to the fact that many Kenyans, more so the youth are disillusioned by high cost of living, unemployment and over taxation. This has made them to become a bitter lot ready to explode at the slightest opportunity available.

    Sixthly and most significant the deputy president “Ämejipanga” which translates to “he is well prepared” as he always alludes. This is the most significant strategy as nobody knows what he means. To conclude as the president Uhuru Kenyatta told people at Karatina he is going to surprise many by his 2022 choice, he might get surprised himself if his choice is not Ruto as many indicators has been pointing since his newly found relationship with “His brother Tinga.” The president, his Kenyan Clintons, and other associates may be Trumped once and for all.

    Seventhly and this is divine, God is the ultimate judge and he gives power to whomever he wishes. Thus if he says it is Dr. Ruto none can stop him.
    The writer is a creative innovate mind happening to the world in a great way.

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