Innovation Challenge in Africa: Supporting the Vision of a Connected World

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  • The Innovation Challenge in Africa is inviting individuals and organizations that are working on internet-based solutions to promote education and economic empowerment in countries throughout Africa.


    The Challenge will encourage the development of apps, websites and online services that provide real value for people under the following pillars:

    • Learning/Education: Apps, websites or online services that make use of technology to inspire and deliver learning
    • Economic Empowerment: Apps, websites or online services that help to advance the economic strength and ability of communities


    • One Innovation Challenge Award prize in the amount of $150,000 USD will be presented to the app, website or service that the judges determine best meets the needs of each of the two categories: Learning/Education and Economic Empowerment (2 awards total). Each of the Innovation Challenge Award winners will also be eligible to receive more than $60,000 USD in tools and services from FbStart, a Facebook program designed to help early stage mobile startups build and grow their apps.
    • In addition, two Impact Award prizes in the amount of $50,000 USD will be presented to two apps, websites or services designed for each of the two pillars (4 awards total).

    Eligibility Criteria

    Individuals and organizations around the world are eligible to participate so long as their applications, websites or services are designed to meet the needs of the above mentioned categories.

    How to Apply

    Entries must be submitted through online process.

    For more information, please visit Innovation Challenge.

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