Kenya Space Agency Achievement

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    Pratibha bissht

    Now Kenya has a Space agency, the Kenya Space Agency (KENSA).
    The Agency was established through a Presidential Order signed by the President of the Republic of Kenya. Kenya now joins the very short list of prestigious African countries, namely Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa that have Space Agencies.
    Kenya can now enhance coordination of its Space related activities by establishing linkages among government agencies and institutions, industry and researchers and further establishing a viable space program.
    KENSA will also be instrumental in developing critical infrastructure for access to Space and for provision of Space derived services through establishment of appropriate infrastructure as well as rehabilitating and upgrading existing ones.
    The country is increasingly using Space technologies at national and county levels in various sectors like land administration and management, environment and natural resources management, agriculture, urban and rural planning and development, national security, weather and climate, among many more.
    Space science and technology, just like contemporary ICT, is poised to become a major employment and wealth creator, especially for the Kenyan youth.
    But the good news is that Kenya is not starting from scratch. It has sufficient starting capital, namely internal human, institutional and infrastructural capacities, which if well mobilized and leveraged, can very quickly secure safe and successful take off.
    Kenya joins the list of African nations with space ambitions launched its home designed satellite.
    The cube satellite launched from the Japanese module of the International Space Station. It was brought there by a Space X rocket during an April re – supply mission. The nano satellite, designed by Kenyan scientists at the University of Nairobi, was developed as part of a joint program……Subscribe to Readmore………

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