Ladnan Hospital

Ladnan is another general doctor’s facility arranged in the Pangani region of Nairobi that has a dream to upset the human services part in the zone and in Kenya on the loose.

Clinical Quality

Ladnan Healing center is focused on improving the personal satisfaction of our patients by giving excellent, cost effective, multi-disciplinary therapeutic administrations , conveyed with an individual touch.

We approach clinical quality by concentrating on structures, procedures and results of care. Unrivaled clinical results (or final products) must be accomplished through infrasturcture of an exclusive requirement and care forms that are modern, solid and universally tried against global benchmarks. Our responsibility regarding straightforwardness with respect to understanding security is shown in the yearly Clinical Administration Report, distributed as a major aspect of the yearly report of Ladnan Healing facility. The motivation behind this report is to introduce a diagram of clinical quality exercises inside the Ladnan Doctor’s facility.

Restorative Administrations

• Anaesthesia: There are three primary kinds of anesthesia:

• General anesthesia: This is the place the patient is put into a condition of controlled obviousness for the length of the task.

• Regional anesthesia: This includes infusion of neighborhood analgesic which numbs a specific area of the patient’s body. The patient will be cognizant yet free from torment and may get some soothing in the event that he or she wishes to.

• Local anaethesia: This includes infusion of neighborhood analgesic to numb a littler segment of the body. The patient will be cognizant yet free from torment.

Cardiology: Cardiology office is outfitted to manage an extensive variety of heart conditions , utilizing both safeguard and remedial treatment modalities.

The accompanying examinations are frequently done:

• Diagnostic tests

Electrocardiogram (ECG) – recording of the electrical waves from the heart to evaluate the heart rate, beat, heart divider thickness and chamber expansion and additionally early discovery of heart assaults.

• Chest x-beam

To evaluate heart measure and to search for early indications of heart disappointment.

• Holter observing

A little walkman measure gadget associated with the chest divider with wires, which records the ECG for 24 hours.

• Ambulatory circulatory strain observing

An uncommon circulatory strain sleeve is associated with the patient’s arm which records the circulatory strain and heartbeat rate on a tape recorder.

• Treadmill practice test

The patient strolls on an electronic treadmill at a foreordained speed and angle.

• Echo doppler test with shading doppler blood stream imaging

Utilizing ultrasound the heart is imaged from different edges. Heart chambers, muscles, valves and veins would all be able to be seen on the video screen and estimations made

• Intensive cardiovascular care unit (ICCU)

We have a cutting edge emergency unit offices for bed side and focal checking of ECG, blood oxygen, bllood weight or venous weight.

• Inpatient Rooms

Private ward rooms additionally incorporate offices for bedside checking of ECG and blood oxygen immersion.

• Preventative cardiology

Hazard factor profiling is improved the situation all patients going to the office. Early discovery and treatment of hazard factors for heart assaults is the main technique for diminishing the rate of death and incapacity because of heart assaults in the group.

Dentistry: dentistry division gives master determination and care to both normal and complex dental issues, with the accompanying administrations accessible under one rooftop:

• Surgical and non-careful dental extractions

• Implant bolstered prosthesis

• Oral prophylaxis

• Root arranging

• Restorative systems (tasteful or corrective white fillings)

• Teeth brightening

• Veneers

• Scaling to root planing

• Gum ailment treatment

• Fluoride treatment

• Endodontics

• Root channel treatment

• Paediatric dentistry

Dermatology: Regardless of being the body’s biggest organ, the skin infrequently gets the consideration and care it merits. In Mediclinic City Clinic’s dermatology office, we center around the significance of sound skin.

Our specific administrations include:

• Acne

• Cosmetic dermatology

• Eczema

• Psoriasis

• Skin sensitivities

• Skin tumor

• Cosmetic guiding

• Laser treatment for hair evacuation, vascular sores and pigmented injuries

Different administrations include:

• Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

• Endocrinology/Diabetes

• Gastroenterology/Hepatology

• Nephrology

• Neurology

• Obstetrics and Gynecology

• Ophthalmology

• Orthopaedics

• Pediatric Medical procedure

• Pathology/Lab

• Pediatrics and Neonatology

• Physiotherapy and Recovery

• Pulmonology and Respiratory Illnesses

• Radiology and Imaging

• Surgery

• Urology

The safeguard administrations we offer incorporate;

• – Emergency vehicle and Therapeutic Taxi Administrations

• – Occasion Scope i.e Standby Ambulances

• – Save and Departure


In late 2011, Ladnan Healing facility was the principal multi-disciplinary doctor’s facility in Pangani. As a social insurance office, it has kept on overwhelming Eastland’s human services scene regarding the nature of its medicinal staff, the broadness of administrations it offers and the standard of gear it works.

It was opened to serve the restorative needs of family families in Nairobi and past by giving 24 hour in and outpatient offices, maternity, theater, research facility, drug store, radiology (x-beam and ultrasound), Dialysis, ICU/HDU Unit and dental administrations. The doctor’s facility has an upper hand because of its normal size which gives space for customized regard for patients.

The clinic has embraced a departmentalized doctor’s facility administration data framework and subsequently is paperless which makes recording, stockpiling and recovery of patient information better and proficient. The clinic is additionally connected with shrewd framework for recognizing patients.

Best in class offices

With 50 beds, Ladnan Doctor’s facility can oblige patients with an extensive variety of individual wellbeing necessities. We offer master centered treatment in the territories regenerative wellbeing (gynecology, obstetric) neonatal care, injury, basic care and nephrology and numerous others. We offer propelled levels of analysis and treatment, guaranteeing each patient gets the largest amounts of global standard social insurance.

Master mind

Ladnan Healing facility offers expert based treatment in a wide assortment of fields including: anaesthesiology, bosom medical procedure, basic care, dentistry, ENT, gastroenterology, general practice, general medical procedure, nephrology, neurology and neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics and neonatology, physiotherapy and urology

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