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    Dan Mwangi


    2018 was a year of many firsts for the continent of Africa and many controversies as well.For a brief period this year, all 54 countries on the continent appeared united in outrage in January when US President Donald Trump was reported as not wanting migrants from Africa coming to the US because their countries were “shitholes” .
    Later in the year, his wife Melania undertook a four-nation African tour when she visited Ghana, Malawi, Egypt and Kenya. Whilst she was still on the continent, President Trump was tweeting that Africans loved his wife. Indeed, Melania cut a swathe with her pith helmet, even though it does not seem to have started a new fashion trend yet.
    Whilst some people were still debating Mr Trump’s reported insult against migrants, a young man from Mali held Paris spellbound as he scrambled up the wall of a high-rise apartment block to save a dangling child. He earned himself the title of Spiderman, and was granted French citizenship by President Emmanuel Macron.
    If the Parisian Spiderman temporarily forced the French to look at migrants in a different light, President Macron himself was forced to listen to an eight-minute exposition on how Africa does not want the generosity of the world by the Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo when he visited the West African state. That video went viral and many Africans cheered that a leader had articulated their feelings.
    But other things went viral which did not make too many people proud. Bobi Wine, the Ugandan pop star-turned-MP, shook Uganda for a few weeks in August and attracted the attention of the world when he was arrested by the police and charged with treason. After leaving the country for medical treatment for injuries that he alleged were sustained during his arrest, he is now back in Uganda and his first performance as a singer in November showed his popularity remained solid.
    A good man was recognised for his good deeds when Denis Mukwege, the Congolese doctor, shared the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize with Yazidi activist Nadia Murad. Dr Mukwege has been described as “the world’s leading expert on repairing injuries of rape”, and is known to grateful patients as “Doctor Miracle” for his work in his homeland of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where unfortunately his skills are always needed because of the continuing unrest.
    George Weah became president of Liberia in January and demonstrated……Subscribe to Readmore………

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