The negative side of the social media

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  • The advent of the usage of social media has brought a negative effect to the society. The justification about this occurrence showcases itself through the ways the social media has changed the various operations in life. The validation of the arguments hinge on the implications brought about by the usage of social media within the different spheres of the world. To start with, the social media forums have initiated a form of vulnerability by showcasing and advocating for negativity, injuring the thoughts of children. This way, it has changed the culture and traditions of the society. Through a similar modus operandi, kids and vulnerable groups gain unhindered access to these forums. As a result, these groupings are exposed to information and activities that may endanger their thoughts with regards to civility and humanity. Children may form an erroneous opinion as well as a demented line of thought as regards the desired practices by being exposed to the negativity in the world. In essence, the social media offers an accessible platform for children to gain lopsided influence with regards to issues such as violence, sex as well as crime-related activities. Overall, such instances prompt unhelpfulness within the societal setup.

    Also, it has initiated a widespread behavior of online addiction. Through a false sense of linking the masses, the social media brings about adverse effects that arise from the interactions. In essence, the addiction that stems from such an instance means that the productivity levels of individuals continue to dwindle in a worrying rate. By curtailing the emergence of independent thoughts about something important, social media brings into play a contextual model that impinges on the output of an entity. As a result, people have found it hard to navigate through such negative implications. More worrying is the fact that social media expressly shifts the focus of the individuals away from the more pressing thing they should be tackling therefore leading to continuously decreasing outcomes. Based on the need to adopt that which may seem unique to a particular culture, individuals are going to the overdrive with regards to copying different principles and in the process suppressing their central beliefs and practices.

    Moreover, it has brought about a loss in privacy as regards our lives. By engaging in social media, individuals continue to give out more information about their lives. Crucially, the scale of the information doled out may be personal as well as damaging if used in an inflammatory manner. Mostly, people reveal less about themselves when engaging in a face-to-face conversation. However, the scenario suddenly changes when the utilization of the social media comes into the picture. Practically, this has enabled the manipulation of the same information that should be empowering the community and the masses at large. The danger lies in the fact that such crucial information might get distorted. Moreover, when such information lands in the wrong pair of hands, it might be used in a manipulative manner to commit heinous acts or even jeopardize the real intentions of the owner. In the same way, such data could also offer a counter-active manner of doing research on individuals or rather spy on them with an intention to unleash mayhem.

    Besides, the usage of social media platforms has brought about an upheaval as regards the cultural aspects of individuals. People have turned away from what they believe in the first place. This is for the reason that social media brings about an alternative version of the desired practices on the society. At the end of the day, there is an uncontrolled shift as regards the adoption of alternative practices of which some many not be as perfect. In a worrying trend that may cause disruptions with regards to the desired cultural attributes, the continued utilization of the various social media platforms will only cause more harm and distress. Furthermore, most of the practices and principles advocated by the online masses have a distressing effect on the younger generations by swaying them to engage in harmful activities. Conclusively, while the employment of social media tools and mechanisms may have instituted a raft of positive changes, the same influence reflects the negative implications on the individuals and the society. Despite the positive changes initiated through these forums, depressing effects ensue as a result of the usage of the social media forums. Overall, the negative outcomes outweigh the good practices.


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