Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Arsenal welcomes WorldRemit as first-ever Official Online Money Transfer Partner

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Africa Oil Week 2017 Announces A-List Speakers

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2017 Queen’s Young Leader Programme: Supporting Young People from Commonwealth Nations

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By: Joseph Discovering one’s gift as well as being able to apply these talents and skills in real life underlines an important aspect. Such an instance is based on the reality that it impacts on the entire process of interpreting situations and dealing with challenges. However, different people deal contrarily with various situations in life …

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By:Dan In the current world, and as showcased by the changing trends and dynamics, the state of healthcare has been left exposed. The ironic thing is that with the emerging technological advancements, competent ways of dealing with issues surrounding the healthcare setting should be easily formulated. Specifically, the aspect of life expectancy has continued to …

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A century ago, Sweden was among the poorest nations in Europe. It’s a small country, home to just 0.13 per cent of the global population. Yet today, it is a world leader in innovation. With almost as many tech startups as Silicon Valley, Stockholm in Sweden is fast becoming one of the global IT hubs. …

Rabies is a viral infectious disease of mammals including humans, characterised by the development of severe nervous symptoms that lead to paralysis and death. Once symptoms of the disease develop, rabies is invariably fatal. The disease affects domestic and wild animals, and is spread to humans through close contact with infectious material, usually via bites …

  Born Lawrence Edward Page March 26, 1973 (age 44) East Lansing, Michigan, U.S. Residence Palo Alto, California, U.S. Citizenship United States Alma mater University of Michigan Stanford University Occupation Computer scientist, Internet entrepreneur Known for Co-founder of Google Inc., CEO of Alphabet Inc, PageRank Salary One-dollar salary Net worth US$49.3 billion (January 2017) Title CEO of Alphabet Inc …

Ladnan is another general doctor’s facility arranged in the Pangani region of Nairobi that has a dream to upset the human services part in the zone and in Kenya on the loose. Clinical Quality Ladnan Healing center is focused on improving the personal satisfaction of our patients by giving excellent, cost effective, multi-disciplinary therapeutic administrations …