Friday 18th January 2019

Boosting Collaborative Climate Action for Sustainable Development in Africa – Africa Carbon Forum 2017 28-30 June in Cotonou, Benin

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Readout of the Secretary-General’s telephone call to H.E. Mr. Jacob Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa

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South African Trade takes Centre Stage at BRICS 2016

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Written by: Pratibha bissht

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  Written by: Meshack Masibo What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about Marijuana? Maybe it’s a picture of some young person acting weirdly or one of someone in prison bars because of being found in possession of it. This is true of the situation in Kenya but not …

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Written by: Danson         Real Name : Irene Njeri > Stage Name : Njeri wa Gatanga > Year of recording first Album : 2011 > Number of Tracks recorded : 56 > Number of Album released : 7 * Wari Ikanga * Jacinta * Carolina * Is your chair * Kiremba * Kinandu * Ti …

If there is something that is scary and have the potential to sabotage the success of Kenyan nation apart from corruption and bad politics which are embedded on ethnicity, it must be unemployment. When you take stock of the employment status of the country in terms of those employed, quality of jobs, those in temporary …

By: H.M. Okumu Around 3 months ago former legislator Boni Khalwale came up with the recommendation that counties should be merged to create 14 new devolved units. This suggestion landed on ready ears for a country struggling with a soaring wage bill and overbearing foreign debt. This is such that if a genie asked …


Written by: Pratibha bissht