Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Governor Kimemia’s potato reforms in Nyandarua County

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Morocco hosts first consultative meeting on the road to COP 22

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IMF Executive Board Completes Third ECF Review for Ghana, and Approves US$116.2 Million Disbursement

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By: Joseph Discovering one’s gift as well as being able to apply these talents and skills in real life underlines an important aspect. Such an instance is based on the reality that it impacts on the entire process of interpreting situations and dealing with challenges. However, different people deal contrarily with various situations in life …

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By:Dan In the current world, and as showcased by the changing trends and dynamics, the state of healthcare has been left exposed. The ironic thing is that with the emerging technological advancements, competent ways of dealing with issues surrounding the healthcare setting should be easily formulated. Specifically, the aspect of life expectancy has continued to …

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Many efforts lately have started to address the emerging cancer crisis in Africa and developing countries A bright future through Merck Foundation explained by the candidates we interviewed from Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and Ethiopia. Many efforts lately have started to address the emerging cancer crisis in Africa and developing countries. One of the strong players …

The group of WTO Friends of Investment Facilitation for Development (FIFD) pledged support for the success of the High-Level Investment Forum taking place in Abuja on the 3rd and 4th of November Nigeria, Brazil, China, the European Union (EU) and a host of other leading economic powers today, made tremendous progress on Investment Facilitation Initiative …

Showcasing Facebook’s passion for investing in creative, diverse talent across Africa, and nurturing the tech and startup ecosystem, Facebook announces a week-long celebration of activities as part of its sponsorship of TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield Africa 2017. In the first event of its kind on the continent, TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield Africa 2017, will search for the best innovators, …

An old adage opines that any action must have a reaction. In some cases, while an action may be designed within the confines of democracy, it can lead to disastrous effects. Nothing projects such a scenario better than the current economic situation in the country. Undoubtedly, the rule of law sets a platform that acts …