Friday 22nd June 2018

Russian United Engine Corporation (UEC) presents the PD-14 New Generation Civil Aero Engine in Iran

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Ban ‘saddened’ by death of Polisario Front leader

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Transparency International’s Anti-Corruption Award: Recognising Actions Against Corruption Worldwide

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By: Joseph Stress entails a feeling of unending pressure coupled with strain. Of notice is that everyone undergoes stressful moments. Small rations of stress have been attributed to bringing out the best in an individual. On the contrary, extended bouts of stress may bring about negative results in the lives of individuals. In the contemporary …

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By: Joseph Discovering one’s gift as well as being able to apply these talents and skills in real life underlines an important aspect. Such an instance is based on the reality that it impacts on the entire process of interpreting situations and dealing with challenges. However, different people deal contrarily with various situations in life …

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Science and technology in Brazil has entered the international arena in recent decades. The central agency for science and technology in Brazil is the Ministry of Science and Technology, which includes the CNPq and Finep. This ministry also has direct supervision over the National Institute for Space Research (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais – INPE), …

Football would be boring without some fair share of controversy. However some heavyweights surpass the limits set for such escapades. Funny enough, controversial players are often outrageously talented. Mario Balotelli. The Italian prodigy who happens to trace his roots to Ghana is the SI Unit for controversy. The frequency upon which his name appears in …

Agreement aims to unlock African potential to catalyze research-led innovations into sustainable enterprises  The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) today in Nairobi, to create more value and enhance cooperation, interaction, and knowledge sharing in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Africa. The agreement …

Denise Coates CBE (born 26 September 1967) is an English businesswoman, founder and joint chief executive of online gambling company Bet365. She has been listed in the Forbes magazine’s rich list, with an estimated personal fortune of $4.1 billion (approximately Kenya Shillings 423.243 billion). Early life Denise Coates is the eldest daughter of Peter Coates, …