Friday 22nd June 2018
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By: Joseph Stress entails a feeling of unending pressure coupled with strain. Of notice is that everyone undergoes stressful moments. Small rations of stress have been attributed to bringing out the best in an individual. On the contrary, extended bouts of stress may bring about negative results in the lives of individuals. In the contemporary …

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By: Joseph Discovering one’s gift as well as being able to apply these talents and skills in real life underlines an important aspect. Such an instance is based on the reality that it impacts on the entire process of interpreting situations and dealing with challenges. However, different people deal contrarily with various situations in life …

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By: Dan Mwangi Technological advancements, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI), have brought about usage of a diverse range of materials and resources. However, as regards the electrical and mechanical field, the usage of silicon nanowires, or SiNWs, within the scope of Artificial Intelligence reflects the gains made by research and recurrent investigations. Silicon nanowires entail the …

By Niresia Jacintah – a commentator on religious issues Themes about leadership have been covered in acres of spaces, especially in the current times. However, the question remains: what is leadership? Surely, there is a lexicon of descriptions that befit leadership. I see leadership as an opportunity to use one’s skills and abilities to bring …

By: Dan Volkswagen as an automobile manufacturer was in 2015 exposed as having used some deliberate mechanism in form of technological software in a bid to engineer cars meant to cheat the emissions testing. This brought about a corporate blunder from the car manufacturer. As a result, unending debates ensued regarding the defining role played …

By Martin Wakaba – a football agent and the owner of Football Puzzles Whenever the Premier League schedules are announced, Manchester United fans look forward to the fixtures against Liverpool and Manchester City, two of our “dearest foes.” Seasons ago, Man United fans would as well memorize the fixtures against Middlesbrough FC and Blackburn …