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  • Meshack Masibo


    Written by: Meshack Masibo
    Many people have often asked themselves why the Scandinavian countries are so wealthy. Sweden , Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland together enjoy a very high standard of living. This fact surprises many people from all around the world and makes them wonder “why”. The causes of the Scandinavia‘s states wealth are numerous and complex.

    One of the hallmarks of the Nordic countries is the combination of large area and small number of people living there. In Scandinavia are some of the larger European countries that are also among the countries with the lowest population density in the world. The considerable wealth of these countries is easily distributable among the sparse population. This means that the population has very high GDP (gross domestic product) per capita. For these countries is relatively easy to satisfy their own needs and at the same time to export high quality goods and services.

    The Scandinavian countries have a favorable economic occupation. Their neighbors are large and highly developed countries. These countries are bordered by the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, North and Baltic Seas. These waters are extremely rich in fish and in many places, especially along the coast of Norway, there are significant deposits of oil. The long coastline favors the development of water transport. Not accidentally for centuries the Scandinavians have always been known as exceptional sailors.

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