Some rules of etiquette that UK royal family must follow

Queen Elizabeth II
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    When the royal family enters a room, it is in order of precedence of rank essentially succession order. So Queen Elizabeth is first, with her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh; the Queen’s son Prince Charles of Wales follows with his second wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall; Prince Charles’s first son Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is next, with his Duchess wife Kate. Harry is not in the line of succession, so he comes after all these relatives, along with Meghan.

    As befits a Queen, there is a number of ways Elizabeth is shown deference. Men bow their neck and women slightly curtsy when meeting her. When she stands, everyone else stands unless she’s giving a speech. Once she has finished eating a meal, everyone else also must stop eating. Someone talking to the Queen must wait for her to leave and turn her back first before they can. And her husband Prince Philip must walk slightly behind her.

    Speaking of conversing with the queen at dinner parties, she speaks to the person on her right during the first course and the person on her left during the second course. And she uses her purse to signal her staff when she wants to be whisked away moving her purse to her right arm means she wants to wrap things up, while placing it on the table during a meal is a sign that she’s ready to leave in the next five minutes.

    The Queen also has the power to disqualify heirs from succession the first six people…….Subscribe to Readmore………

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