The Joneses Are Broke

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  • By: Stacy Muya

    Before there was the Kardashians, there was the Joneses and they will still be around long after. The Joneses (or in our case the Kirimis and Otienos and Mohammeds) will always have bigger and better.

    While the rest of us hustle and borrow to pay rent, the Joneses move from one big mansion to another bigger mansion. By the time you clear the monthly payments for your Subaru, they will be on their fifth luxury car. You save all year round for that December vacation in Mombasa while they travel regularly.

    The worst part is how effortless they make wealth accumulation seem. You work in the same job, in the same office but live vastly different lives. Just like you, they did not inherit anything but a half acre in some remote part of Kenya, they did not win big in Sport Pesa and you keep wondering about their secret income.

    What you see on the movies and in music videos, they buy. What you want, they have. They are your markers of success, what you aspire for.

    However according to personal finance expert and author of Total Money Make Over, Dave Ramsey,…

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