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  • By Steve nzioka

    Now, if you are a party freak, you ought to already know that the eagerly awaited edition of Project X is finally here with us, set to be going down on Saturday, 12th March in the suburbs of Kileleshwa from 6PM to 6AM. Regular advance tickets are going at 500bob while advance VIP ones are going for 2500bob. At the gate regulars go for 1000bob while VIP ones go for 3500bob.
    This event is apparently an imitation of the movie, Project X, which is described globally as the standard measure of the ultimate home-wrecking hell raiser of a party by unsupervised suburban teenagers. The 2012 American movie is about a
    teen party filled with booze, drugs, topless girls and sex that went totally out of control. Cases of teenagers emulating the movie all over the world have sometimes ended disastrously, with some leading to death. The slogan of the event that has now gone viral on social media is ‘One night to lose your mind’.
    This has aroused various responses from Kenyan citizens and even politicians. Many Kenyans expressed anger towards the organizers of the event who seek anonymity some saying that its demonic and should not be allowed. Nominated MP Isaac Maura said that the ‘sex party’ needs to be stopped at all costs, adding that the organizers are just set to cash in on ‘our vulnerable youth.’ Mr. Maura said the CID and other arms of the law are closely following the event.
    The organizers have said that there will be a lot of booze, weed and other drugs. To the ladies, the less you wear, the better you. You will be expected to wear less clothes for the event turn up. ‘On March 12th, history will be made… chiqs, dudes and a whole lot of booze. Come experience the house party everyone is talking about. No rules, no regulations, carry your own high, whether its herbs, pills, everything is legal,’ is a caption found on one of the already viral posters publicizing the event. On yet another poster, ‘Nobody goes back home a virgin’ was the caption.
    Some of the activities set out for the ‘night of a lifetime’ include a game of Taxi. Now, in order to play Taxi, you must first choose the number of taken(hits) to take per turn. Gather everyone into a circle and have the first player hit the blunt. Player #1 will then pass the joint to the left without exhaling. Each player must hold their breath until the joint works itself round the entire circle and back to them. I mean, it is without a doubt that most teenagers and the youth generally were exhilarated about this event and others already owning their tickets. They expressed mixed reactions pertaining the society’s intervention on
    making sure the event does not happen. On an exclusive, one said, “Event ni muhimu na mimi kama youth nataka kushikisha huko ile mbaya. Story ya kukatiza event juu ya beliefs sitambui.’
    Ticket outlets include The Bonk place at Junction Game Masters and the popular Inntech gaming lounge among a host of other outlets in the Nairobi CBD especially along Moi Avenue. Now, upon purchase of the ticket, that’s when one is given directions to where the event shall be happening.However, the police issued a report that they are aware of the event plans and said that it won’t happen. Police spokesman Charles Owino warned parents to be careful about the behavior of their children and especially their whereabouts.

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