The positive impact of TIVETs in the Mount Kenya region

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo Gitau opened the Nyanduma Youth Polytechnic in a colourful ceremony
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  • By Martin Wakaba – an individual who is keen on developmental concepts

    The model of educative establishments has for long attracted the need for instant renovation and reorganization due to the horde of underlying problems. However, these predicaments have found their way into the core elements of the society through the public education system that fails to focus on the elemental concerns. The situation sparks a multitude of national standards that express signs of needing immediate fixing, especially in the Mount Kenya region. It should be noted that education has the power to outline the ideals and customs of a society. Furthermore, when such educational practices are instituted in the technological setup, they have an impact on the larger society. Such an occurrence is highlighted by the positive effects that have been formulated by the emergence of TIVET facilities in the larger Mount Kenya region. For ages, the learning system in the Mount Kenya region has suffered from the adverse effects of disparity in the education sector. The ensuing situation means that the institutions of learning have for long periods produced half-baked students. However, what can reverse the damaging situation in the schools? Besides, what approach should be used to tackle the state of affairs in these establishments? The situation calls for an in-depth analysis of the fundamental factors with an intention to aid the teaching practices in the Mount Kenya region. There is an urgent need to adopt a formula that fuses the principles of education within the prism of TIVET facilities. By limiting the capability of pupils to think freely, the current model of education instigates an unhelpful thought that kicks off undesirable developments. However, with TIVETs, an effective way of initiating educational principles and ethics crops up.

    As times have passed, education has become expensive. For this reason, most parents have been forced to look for other alternatives as regards the education of their children. However, in most cases, such ventures may not be as fruitful with regards to quality education. The emergence of TIVETs in the Mount Kenya region has alleviated such instances, freeing up pressure from parents who wish to have their children acquire quality education. In essence, both the taxpayers and the parents have more satisfaction as they witness a competent form of education being implanted to a future generation at a reasonable fee. Proper practices in TIVETs entail an inclusive approach that incorporates organizational imperatives of management with the changing and dynamic practices of tutoring. Moreover, by legitimizing idyllic levels of achievement in students, integrity plays a key role in the transformative nature of the sector by mobilizing policy instruments. Honesty and truthfulness lead to accountability in TIVETs hence sparking a metric based on student accomplishment. For this reason, TIVETs reinforce the educational sector by offering a channel for direct accountability. Besides, adoption of desirable standards in the TIVET entities leads to quality in the education sector. These changes should bring about a positive impact to the learning institutions across the Mount Kenya region.

    Education that is doled out in TIVET facilities instills values in the students through the diverse skills. Such a situation means that the graduates from the institution have a high level of skills sets. Such values would be vital in the current and diverse-oriented companies. As a pioneering model, TIVET schemes would help bridge the gap between gifted learners and those who have challenges in learning within the Mount Kenya region. Learning, as it happens in TIVETs, advocate for the rejection of some ideals that are thought to be inhuman or even outdated. In this regard, TIVETs have the power to shape what the teachers teach and what the students read. This makes it easy for the students and teachers to align themselves with a certain model of behavior and thought. In actuality, these groupings, and as anchored by the learning that occurs in TIVETs, tend to relate to that which is advocated by the right ideals. In other words, TIVETs infuses a new approach that thwarts rebellious acts of nonconformity. TIVETs have the power to create new ways of knowledge acquisition. As a result, TIVETs offers a platform that enhances the desired ideals as well as setting the stage for communication, cohesion and interaction of the students and teachers. This way, teachers and students are instantly turned into powerful signs that advocate for the knowledge being doled out. The need for having the same interests between the teachers and the students forms an occurrence that outlines the positive effects of TIVETs within the Mount Kenya region.

    TIVETs offer the right environment for the development of students. In the Mount Kenya region, TIVETs offer diverse programs that range from inclusion of the disabled, cooperative education, sports to mentorship programs. These curriculums impact positively on the students leading to superior results. Unlike in other institutions, students in TIVETs are more likely to engage in charity events in the neighborhood. These charities range from cleaning the neighborhood, visiting orphans, volunteering to help in the local hospital etc. Within the Mount Kenya region, such a practice would be helpful in that it would act as a way of giving back to the community as well as appreciating others. Additionally, the approach utilized by TIVETs brings the students closer to the business leaders who may be their employers in future. Students who have gone through the TIVET establishments have what it takes to bring about positivity in the society as a result of the values ingrained into their lives. The diverse positive aspects that they have gained from these institutions offer a cherished and treasured feature that would help the society in many ways. Moreover, the same set of values would come in handy when pertaining to the business realm. Graduates from these TIVET facilities have the wealth of education as well as the right ingredients for the prosperity of any company. In this regard, hiring from the locality would only strengthen the relations between a company and the community. In essence, such would be a vital aspect with regards to the socio-economic escalation of the entire Mount Kenya region.

    TIVET facilities in the larger Mount Kenya region form a platform that increases the consumption and cultural values in both the students and the teachers. Within the education sector, there are different personalities who hail from diverse backgrounds. Both teachers and students are from different social locales, and they also have different levels of knowledge. Besides, these backgrounds follow a different form of culture that may not necessarily be in concurrence with the dominant cultures. When such a situation is witnessed in the Mount Kenya region, it gives rise to divergent outcomes. This will lead to an unhealthy competition between these cultures and a need for distinction will ensue. However, TIVETs act as an escape route for such instances. Given that these students from the Mount Kenya region are attending the TIVETs to learn about progressive ideologies, they will warm up to the ideals being provided. Practically, TIVETs will aid the students have the need to acquire more knowledge as a result of the need to quench their penchant for relating with others. In essence, out of the very founding aspects of TIVETs in the Mount Kenya region, students find a new way of acquiring relevant information.

    People have a desire to relate to their culture. The same is evident in educational facilities and setups where students and teachers alike cling to their diverse cultural values. In this regard, TIVETs empower the individuals to know more about their cultures and those of others. Within the context of the Mount Kenya region, the effects of TIVETs on cultural values would scale up to unprecedented levels due to the need for the students to relate to the needs of their culture. Evidently, TIVETs quickly become a platform for formulating cultural needs to the students and teachers. These changes are formed through the visible need by the students to relate to a certain aspect that unifies them and identifies their civilization aspects. These aspects of unifying characteristics between students form an ideal ground for the propagation of shared traits between them, thereby leading to a systematic formation of a distinct cultural model as instigated by TIVETs. Moreover, these TIVETs within the Mount Kenya region create a ripple effect that has effects on other setups that relate to culture. Education is massively shaped by the ideals of the society. This instigates an effect that makes the students and the teachers to relate to a given set of ideologies in relation to the envisaged values of the community. Moreover, learning in TIVETs does this by forming an insatiable need for connection and identity between the members – whether teacher or students. By formulating a distinct and distinguishing feature, TIVETs makes the teachers and students adopt an identifying feature that is shared for mutually beneficial purposes.

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