Navy Seals
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    Dan Mwangi
    The 21st century is a century that has carried with it a lot of challenges on the security of different countries of the world. With the spread of terrorism and terror related activities such as kidnappings and hostage taking there has been a big need to develop elite units of soldiers and police officers to handle such situations. Of the many countries of the world, the United States and Israel are undoubtedly two of the most susceptible countries to terror attacks in the world. Thus the United States developed the Navy Seals while Israel had Sarayet Matkal. Today they are two of the most elite special forces units in the world.
    Navy seals are most popularly known for being the elite force that killed Osama Bin Laden during the presidency of Former President Barrack Obama. Audiences around the world were treated to a spectacle as international news agency aired the covert operations of the seal team that took someone who was arguably the world’s most wanted terrorist.
    But where did the Navy Seals start from?
    Today’s Navy SEALs (for Sea, Air, and Land special warfare experts) have a history shrouded in secrecy. Commissioned in 1962, they are the most elite shore-area Special Forces in the world, concentrating on very select and often-clandestine intelligence gathering and precision strike missions. For over 50 years it was assumed that the origin of the Navy SEALs was the Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs) and Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs) of World War II. In reality, the Navy’s special warfare activity started in August 1942 with the Amphibious Scouts and Raiders.
    The need for U.S. amphibious capabilities arose in the late 1930s when the U.S. military began to anticipate large-scale amphibious landings in Europe. With little experience in this area, the military initiated a series of practice operations to assess the feasibility of such landings. In 1941 they formed a Joint Training Force staffed by the three services—Army, Navy, and Marines. In March 1942, the JTF established an Amphibious Boat School at Solomons, Md., to train crews as small craft operators. Because participants had…..Readmore….

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