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  • Way back in the earlier days, the wise men said that success is a journey and not a destination. They also gave some tips on how we can make success to be a process. They advised that in order to be able to face this risky business of living, we have to use knowledge accrued for years. If we need to rise and perform our abilities, we need to talk to those who have attained i.e. some measures of success so as to know that for most of us success is a dimensional activity.

    We are blessed abundantly and differently. God created each individual with his/her abilities to do different things. Some of us are highly talented, but we never realize it. And you know what, God says he blesses those people who work hard and exploit their potential a bit deeper. But do you think he can bless you when you yourself don’t exactly know what you are expert in? Definitely No.

    Sometimes we are our worst enemies as we create stumbling blocks on our roads to success. We do not realize the will power we have, and do you know why? It’s because we are sometimes lazy to face the unfolding reality and challenges towards our pre-perceived ambitions. Again we lose hope easily. We fear being failures and you know what, failure is in a way a highway to success. We should never be afraid to do things we haven’t attempted or tried. I emphasize on confidence here. Give yourself great prowess as you try something new. Fear is a demonic spirit and grows in us the more we give it chance. If you can say you need to try something, believing you have the ability to do it from God, Frankly you can’t feel a looser! Another reason why we fail to achieve our dream is the need for quick recognition and fame. But ask yourself how much of your talent is being wasted for want of little boldness? It’s always a vital practice to begin at grassroot and climb higher as you learn how to deal with little challenges in life. By the way the biggest difference between a wisher and a doer is motivation. So once you realize you have an ability to do something, do not rest too much lest you rust in rest, but be motivated and determined to accomplish your plan.

    Once we misuse our precious time with doubts and fear, we finally find life as boring as never before. My sisters and brothers life is never boring, it’s us who choose to be bored. Doing nothing leads to boredom and that’s why I advise my fellow youths to deviate in productive activities whereby they will realize their talents and in the process learn how to reach for the more inside them. In most cases, we toil and struggle to achieve something great from what we have or know best. God had a reason and agree with me he knew why he gave each of us a different talent. He knew that each of us will need help and different help from other person.

    Doesn’t a teacher teach a pupil and finally goes to that pupil for treatment later in life? I mean that a teacher can teach a child, instill knowledge and knowhow to him/her and later on in life such a teacher can’t be shocked going to a hospital and receiving the service from that child. That’s why I say our talents are not only of benefit to us but to others too. We let others benefit from our talents as we also rejoice in theirs. This means life is a cost sharing issue.

    As I write this article am concerned with the evolving youth. Youths are the ones who lose hope quickly. Once they try something and it fails, they lose hope and jump to another option. Sometimes the other options they rush to dooms their visions and expectations the more.

    This is what happens when we see youngsters engaging themselves in bad behaviours, like drugs taking, car hijacking and prostitution. Sometimes it’s not their wish but circumstances force them to do so. You know youth are innovative and more extrovert, so once their target bounces they have energy to deviate to another one and so suddenly. Their quick decision makes them goalless and eventually they loose taste in life, not forgetting that they finally dig their own graves. They make their mind to be on unending race, thus throwing away the abilities and ambitions they have to do marvelous things.

    As I emphasize on youngstars realizing their talents, they have to know how it’s vital to change wants to needs. You know people want fame, but need recognition, people want power but they need support and co-operation, sometimes people want adoration but they really need love. So for the young talented youths to achieve what they dream of, they must practice patience and determination. Let them do what they need to do but not what others may want them to. Again they must project good images to the society simply because in many circumstances the image one projects is far more valuable that his/her skills.

    Being concerned about the upcoming youth, I feel I should let them know how the challenges they come across stiffens their determination. When a person despises you, and discourages you telling you how you can’t do something, show you how useless you are, try to do what you can do well with a lot of confidence discarding the negative voices you hear and you be will finally be surprised at your own success. By the way the easiest thing to find on God’s green earth is someone to tell you all the things you cannot do. Dear youth, you may feel as though you live in an imperfect world but the frontiers are not all closed and doors are not all shut. You may see as if you’ve tried so much without success but get to know that there is someone ready to help. It’s good because the government is very much concerned about you my dear ones. Everything happens with faith. You must plead to God for him to show you the way out since he gave you that talent. Please my fellow youths never become competitors because a competitive person operates out of constant fear and fear degrades us to discrimination. Again once you fail never blame yourself but rise up again with gusto and work confidently and the talent in you will never nag you anymore. Realize your potential and exploit it much deeper for better future standards.

    Gerald Muturi

    Guest Writer

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