Tips to Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure (hypertension)
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    Hypertension or high blood pressure refers to the pressure of blood against your artery walls. Sometimes high blood pressure can cause blood vessel damage because of that you can face heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and other problems. Sometimes Hypertension is also known as silent killer because it produces no symptoms and can go unnoticed and untreated also for years.
    Hypertension or High blood pressure is emerging to be one of the biggest causes of concern in the global health and nutrition circuit. According to the WHO high blood pressure causes close to 12.8% of total deaths in the world. A person is said to have hypertension or high blood pressure when the blood pressure range exceeds the above mentioned range. While maintaining a healthy life style and exercising regularly are some of the primary ways to keep blood pressure level balance. High blood pressure patients need to take extra care of their diet. The rights foods can help lower your high blood pressure or hypertension.
    There are many risk factors for high blood pressure is out of your control such as age, family history, gender, and race but there are also some factors that you can control by exercise and diet. A diet that can help you to control blood pressure is rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber and lower in sodium.
    However, lifestyle also plays an important role and adjusting your diet can help you reduce your blood pressure levels and prevent complications such as stroke and heart attack.
    Foods that are high in fat or sugar can also contribute to obesity, which increases your risk of high blood pressure.
    Balanced diet can help you to improve your blood pressure.

    1.Banana: Bananas are extremely low in sodium and very rich in potassium, which is good for your high blood pressure levels. You can have them alone or add it to your cereal, cake, bread, and milk shakes.  Eating foods that are rich in potassium is better than taking supplements.

    1. Avocados: Avocados are also good for your high blood pressure levels. Avocados are rich in oleic acid which can help you to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Avocados are also rich in potassium and folate, both of which are good for heart. Avocados are loaded in vitamin A, K, B & E and fiber too.
    2. Water melon: watermelon contains an amino acid called L- citrulline which is good for your high blood pressure levels. Watermelon has heart friendly fibers, lycopenes, vitamin A and potassium. In a study Researchers have also found that animals given a diet rich in watermelon had better heart health. You can have water melon as fruit to salads and smoothies or a chilled water melon soup.
    1. Beet root: Beet root is rich in nitrates. Beet root are high in nitric oxide and Nitrates help relax blood vessels and improve blood flow which can help you to reduce your high blood pressure levels.b According to study beet root juice lowered blood pressure just within 24 hours.
    1. Oranges: oranges are also very helpful in high blood pressure. Oranges are high in fibers and vitamin C. According to doctors you need to have the whole fruit over the juice because you need to make sure you do not lose out on healthy fibers.
    2. Leafy greens: leafy greens vegetables are rich in Potassium and which helps your kidneys to get rid of more sodium through your urine. This in turn lowers your high blood pressure. Canned vegetables often have added sodium but frozen vegetables contain as many nutrients as fresh vegetables.
    1. Berries: Berries especially blueberries are rich in natural compounds called flavonoids. According to research consuming berries might prevent hypertension and help to lower your blood pressure.
    2. Dark chocolate: According to study eating dark chocolate is related to a lower risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). The study suggests that up to 100 grams per day of dark chocolate may be associated with a lower risk of cardio vascular disease (CVD). Dark chocolate contains more than 60 percent cocoa solids and it has less sugar than regular chocolate.

    9. Pistachios: This is one of the best ways to decrease blood pressure by reducing peripheral vascular resistance or blood vessel tightening, and heart rate. According to study a diet with one serving of pistachios a day helps reduce blood pressure.
    10. Pomegranates: Pomegranates are a healthy fruit. According to study drinking a cup of pomegranate juice once a day for four weeks helps lower blood pressure over the short term. For good results be sure to check the sugar content in store – bought juices because added sugars are not good for health.
    11. Kiwis: according to study a daily intake of kiwi can reduce blood pressure. Kiwis are also rich in vitamin C which may significantly improve blood pressure.









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