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Blue Hour at Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy. Lights on and a beautiful romantic atmosphere.
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    Italy: Getting married in Italy is a dream for so many couples. Italy attracts people for its incredible cuisine, beautiful landscapes and most importantly some of the world’s best wines. Italy is a home to a number of beautiful wedding destinations and almost there is something for every kind of person.

    In Italy places like the Amalfi Coast and Puglia are famous for luxurious wedding celebration so if you are looking for a luxurious wedding then you can think about these places. Couples who want to be surrounded by culture and Old Italian traditions will like hosting their big day in Italy’s old town of Sorrento, or even the historic. Italy is one of Europe’s most romantic countries.

    Africa: Africa is known to 54 different countries and all of which are famous for unique and dreamy places especially when it comes to weddings. Most of the African countries are home to picturesque landscapes, interesting cultures and glorious climates and they are one of the best places for hosting a wedding abroad. One type of celebration that is very famous in Africa is a Safari wedding and you can enjoy your big day in natural beauty and stunning surroundings of this continent.

    Greece: Greece is known for its cuisine and clear- blue sea. Couple can experience the ancient city of Athens in a ceremony surrounded by culture, historical monuments and authentic Greek ambiance or take to the dreamy setting of Santorini for a luxurious wedding amongst some of Greece’s prettiest beaches. Greece has countless locations which are ideal for a memorable wedding celebration and after wedding also you can enjoy your holidays and explore this wonderful country post – wedding.

    North America: So many couples choose to magnificent North America for their weddings. North America is known for the modern part of the world and this country offers phenomenal wedding locations such as Orlando’s magical Disney World, the bright lights of Las Vegas and New York’s famous landmarks.

    Cyprus: Cyprus is famous for its unrivalled amount of Mediterranean sun and which making it one of favorite spot for destination weddings. Couples who want to get married in a romantic beach wedding and it is a best place for fun – filled wedding reception so if you want this type of wedding then you can think about Cyprus. As well as being a beautiful wedding destination, Cyprus is also well – known for its fantastic night – life.

    South America: This continent has variety of picturesque sceneries and tropical rainforests so this continent gives you fair enough choice when it comes to a destination wedding location.

    Brazil is some of the most beautiful South American countries. Brazil – This country is famous for its vibrant carnival, Chile, the Andes mountain stretch and a stunning coastline and Argentina – Argentina is a country which has a range of ancient buildings and glacial lakes.

    Ireland: Couples who want a destination wedding and if you are not able to take you and your guests too far then you should consider hosting their wedding in Ireland. The picturesque, authentic Irish country side is known for a number of gorgeous wedding venues, ideal for grand wedding celebration. Ireland also has a number of city wedding venue locations too. You will definitely enjoy your big day.

    Australia: Australia is being a most popular destination for people to travel and migrate to this country. It is also a one of the popular country when it comes to wedding destinations. Australia has mainly five major cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane and which are all located on the coast. This country has so many beach wedding locations along with modern city venues with outdoor space.

    Spain: Spain is a very diverse country so there is something for everyone according to their taste especially when it comes to destination wedding. Each area has its own charm and climate so it is worth taking that into consideration.

    Spain has paella, sangria and some incredible fabulous wedding venues.  Spain has ancient cathedrals to picture – perfect beaches. In Spain locations like Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca and Valencia is known for hosting your wedding in Spanish style.

    If you want to get married at the beach then The Costa del Sol is good option. The Costa del Sol is one of the most well – known coasts in Spain.

    Asia: Asia is really one of the perfect places to host your big day.  Thailand, The Maldives, Vietnam and so many others are Best locations in Asia. These are the places where true paradise, clear seas and perfect weather all come together.

    For those who are looking for white sandy beaches there is Thailand and Indonesia and for those who are looking for a little more exotic like the tropics of Cambodia and Vietnam there is something from everyone.

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