Tragedies and Numerology

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  • The number 4 & 8 account for bigger tragedies. The natural disaster and fatal accidents have had a major relation with 4 and 8 number. The number 4 (Uranus or Rahu) and 8 (Saturn or Shani) are extremely volatile).

    Westminster terror incident on 22/3/2017, 22th (4) and 22+3+2017=8, combo of Number 4 & number 8 means influence of Uranus and Saturn which is a fatal combination.

    Brussels terror attack on 22/3/2016 again influence of Uranus.

    How can we forget 26/11- 26th (8), India’s worst terror attack lasted 62(8) hours. Influence of Saturn.

    Tsunami – 26/12/2004 – 26th (8) , 26+12+2004 =8 and this was the month of Saturn(8) . Tripple Influence of Saturn.

    Malaysian Airline – Both Malaysian Airline tragedies happened on dates adding to 8 means influence of Saturn.

    Indian Parliament Attack- 13/12/2001- 13th (4), influence of Uranus.

    Ahmedabad Blasts- 26/7 – influence of Saturn

    Mumbai Floods- 26/7/2005 – influence of Saturn and Uranus.

    Paris Attack – 13/11/2015- 13th (4) influence Uranus and 2015(8) was the year of Saturn.

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