Ventures of landing in Mars

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  • Mars may well be a new stage for advancing the human goals; in essence, it may offer a different option to the myriad of negative occurrences that are witnessed in the world. Currently, the world is awash with issues that range from education challenges, political instabilities, food shortages as well as deadly illnesses. Crucially, while it is yet to be a habitable environment as it doesn’t support human life; Mars may well hold the key for a better future. Nobody understands this situation better than Adrian Marias – a South African native, who has a desire to be among the people shortlisted to land in Mars later. Even though the fossils from dinosaurs may not be proof enough to show that the Red Planet may at one time in the future support life, it gives hope to those with a penchant for navigation and discovery in relation to future expeditions. What I would be looking forward to in case Mars become habitable in the future in the existence between humans and robots – or will scientists come up with a canny way of integrating some aspects of humans with those from the robots?

    Of particular interest to me is the set of rules that will govern the populace that finally lands in Mars. When I posed the question to Adrian, she was bemused. Furthermore, she saw as interesting when I asked her about the patent rights issue and the discoveries that will be made in Mars by the batch of those expected to leave later. Martian life may be a far-fetched theory as of now, but you can really not wholly discount the prospect of such an occurrence in the near future. The Red Planet, as Mars is known, may as well be a hub for future businesses. Nobody knows the capacity and extent of the viable resources that may emanate from Mars in the future. With full research and the ever expanding technology, there is bound to be a bevy of economic activities when scientists come up with a formula that makes it easier for habitation in the Red Planet, and by extension offering a mechanism that leads to a full-blown Martian economy.

    Any business-oriented person would perhaps take off to Mars in the future with the hope of making some business deals as well as discovering some precious commodities. With technology, hydroponics will quite become a matrix that increases the possibility of life in Mars in the future. Given that there is no oxygen in Mars, who would not want to make money by selling oxygen to those who intend to visit the planet? Radiation rates in Mars make it impossible for support for life, but entrepreneurs will eventually make cash by making discoveries that change that! The toxic levels as well make it hard for food production but you can bet your life that the situation will change once humans pitch tent in Mars and come up with pioneering actions that boost agriculture. Despite all the challenges that seem to come in the way of a Martian-inspired future, Adrian Marias was quite optimistic about life in Mars. It is time we voted for Adrian Marias as Africa’s representative in the batch of people who will be selected to land in Mars.

    By Martin Wakaba – an aspiring entrepreneur who has several startup projects

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