Willy the Witty Ruto

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  • By Kagwaini Kairu
    Give it to the man; he’s wise, educated, intelligent and all other qualities that qualify one to be a good or great politician.
    William is a man who has learnt the political strings from the best of teachers, and to them all was the one and only, the professor himself, that of politics. And for sure William Ruto has not disappointed.
    1992 is the year William Ruto took the first step to join the national political arena under the Y92 gang. He has never looked behind. This hardened him and introduced him to the hardcore politics, clearly evidenced.
    1997 the consequence election Ruto floored Chesire who ran a well-oiled campaign and he was a dancer in kings court i.e. the professor of politics himself to claim the parliamentary seat for the Eldoret North constituency. Here Ruto thrashed the prof. himself, under the slogan KIBOKO YAO Ruto captured the seat which he defended many elections later till he became the deputy president.
    Deputy President’s position was not given to him; he fought for it and equally deserved it. His charisma in speech and actions, witty as Willy is use of words and language which captures the electorate’s emotions.
    William is a man of energies equaled or rivaled by none. Seen in all elections since 1992.
    2002 he lead an onslaught against Mwai Kibaki’s candidature. William was the main man in Uhuru’s camp, then party Sec Gen. and true to Mgalla muuwe lakini haki yake mpe, William and the team gave NARC a run for their money despite decades of political experience and knowledge in Kibakis camp.
    In 2007 mr Ruto led an onslaught on to kibakis presidency again, and the results are well captured in history.
    In 2013, Ruto traversed this country visited every ward and every village. And that’s how he became the deputy president. His party URP just launched few months to the election became one of the biggest parties in Kenya based on parliamentary strength and contribution to the president’s vote.
    Come 2017 he repeated his magic in politics and as expected of his energy and vigor they retained the presidency in collaboration with Uhuru. Mr. Willy was the lead campaigner and strategist for the jubilee party which they co-founded with Uhuru Kenyatta through the merger of URP and TNA , which gave birth to the biggest political party in Kenya.
    2022 Ruto is expected to the president, though this in not a walk in the park. Witty Willy will have to face it off with his adopted teacher, Raila Odinga . Willy will be older wise and experienced.
    Every weekend if Willy is not holding briefs and lying strategies in his office , he is busy engaging and hosting grass root leaders in his office , and if he s not in his office , expect him to be traversing at least four counties in a weekend , never seen before .
    On his journey to state house witty Willy has reached out of all politicians, including those who lost in 2022, among them is former Kiambu governor, and Bonny Khalwale, this are known mobilisers and political orators . For such it only adds flavor on willy’s camp.
    Mr Willy has also formed a campaign secretariat. Whose fain strategy is zoning, mapping and clustering voters, from ward level.. Believe me; it’s going to be hard to beat this strategy. What am trying to say is that William is the front runner in 2022 presidential race, with less than a thousand days before the referee blows his whistle, mean, Willy the witty began that journey back in 1992, ten years after the attempted coup by his challenger Raila among others. I forgot to mention William Ruto has never lost an election. Here is the great in making, on his way to the greatest of them all.

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