World’s technology leader “JAPAN”

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    Pratibha bissht

    Japan is a country that has potential in developing technology. In this country Technology developed to be amazing even from the results of his work inspired many people in the world. It has invented a dimensional elevator that can transport you from one floor to another in the blink of an eye, so the Japanese technological advances seem to be for making the human life more convenient and easy. They are also the inventors of Laser gun the machine, thus making the country best in technology and developing science field.
    Japan is a fascinating country. From provision of vending machines containing clothes and shoes, to E – TAF automatic doors that open shifting accordingly to your body shape; the Japanese incorporate technology into their everyday lives.
    The source of Japan’s technological advancement is undoubtedly from the youth of Japan. Statistics show that among 34 OECD countries Japanese students performance levels rank second in mathematics and first in science. Japan spends around 3.59% of GDP in public spending on education. Only 0.93% of females aged 15 – 19 have no education. The Japanese education system involves 9 years of compulsory education (grades 1- 9) and students begin school at the age of 7. Japanese people are well in touch with technology, as 93.3% of the population uses it, China’s percentage stands lower at 53.1 percent.
    The Japanese have a deserved reputation for being tech innovators. ‘The bullet train is not modernity itself. It is the product of modernity.’ ‘It is this modernity that we would be fortunate to be able to import from Japan.’ Japan has been running the bullet train for over 50 years and it covers the entire country.
    A couple of years ago, the remote north eastern state of Hokkaido were also made accessible by bullet train. This was after the construction of a tunnel under the sea.
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