Yoga Asanas : Boosting Your Immunity

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    Pratibha bissht

    There are digestive diseases, respiratory issues and mental health problems that arise with the chaotic lifestyle we’re leading. If you do not want to compromise on your current lifestyle but also maintain your health, yoga is a best way. Practicing these yoga asanas will keep your body healthy and ready to fight diseases.  Couple of yoga asanas a day does keep the doctor away and you can boost your Immunity.

    1. Big Toe : As the English name for this one suggests, this pose involves touching your toes with your hands while keeping your legs straight. Yes, it is slightly tough to get into but over time, your body will get into the practice of performing it. This yoga pose should ideally be done in the morning on an empty stomach. The pose is said to calm your anxiety and give you mental peace. It also helps improve your digestion and keeps all sorts of digestive problems at bay.
    2. Triangle Pose: Keep your feet apart, one hand on the ground and the other arm stretched upwards. You would need to keep your eyes open for this one to maintain balance. Try to do this right in the morning when you’re full of energy and your food has been digested. The benefits of this asana are multiple as it increases blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and helps you burn all that fat in your fight against obesity.
    3. Chair Pose : To be done on an empty stomach, this asana is just like sitting on an imaginary chair. You should stay in this position for at least 30 to 60 seconds. While sitting on an imaginary chair may seem easy, it can get pretty hard to be in it for a whole minute. However, you will get used to it and even increase your time in this position if you do it regularly. The asana will help your heart and also massage your abdominal organs. It will also help you increase your determination and lung capacity.
    4. Cobra Pose : Lie down on your stomach while placing your hands firmly on the ground. Make sure your hands are placed extremely firmly on the ground because they’re going to help you balance your body for this pose. Raise your torso with the support of your arms. This asana is part of the Suryanamaskar regime as well. You can do it on an empty stomach and if you’re doing it in the evening, make sure your last meal is eaten at least 4 hours before the practice. This asana affects your whole body by improving metabolism, improving digestion, aiding kidney function and opening up your lungs for better breathing. If practiced regularly, you can keep your whole body fit.
    5. Tree Pose : Stand straight and raise your arms. Put your hands together while your arms are up and keep looking at one point for better balance. Now, put one foot on the knee of the opposite leg. Keep your eyes open to make sure you don’t lose balance. Do it again with the other leg. Balance yourself for at least a minute on both the legs for the best outcome. This asana is easy and also super beneficial if you have a desk job. Sitting for long hours affects your posture which could cause multiple back issues and this asana helps to improve exactly that. Moreover, it affects the spine in a way that will improve your nerve and muscle functions. More than anything, it gives your body a much-needed stretch.
    6. Child Pose : Kneel down and make sure the big toes of both the feet are touching each other. Your knees should be sufficiently apart. Stretch your arms up, breathe in and place your torso on your knees while breathing out. This is the fetal position and given the asana, you should perform it 4 to 6 hours after a meal. Since this asana is fairly comfortable to get into. This asana will improve the blood circulation in your body and help you breathe the right way, reducing anxiety and stress. This yoga pose is perfect if you have an extremely stressful lifestyle. A couple of minutes of it right in the morning will help you think more clearly.
    7. Mountain Pose : Stand on your feet, take a deep breath and stretch your arms upwards. Now, interlock your fingers and slowly, get on your toes. Hold this for a few seconds and then release while breathing out. You can do this pose even if you’re not on an empty stomach. A lot of people refer to this as the ‘mother of all asanas’ and for good reason. Practising it regularly will strengthen your knees, improve your posture, your respiratory system gets regulated and if you make young children practice it as well, it will help increase their height.




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